70 MHz Eerste Verbinding PA1O

Eindhoven-Stratum (2007)

Bijna vijf jaar voor de band in Nederland zou worden vrijgegeven voor radioamateurs maakte ik mijn eerste internationale verbinding op 70 MHz. Hiervoor gebruikte ik een gemodificeerde Yaesu FT-847 transceiver met 50 Watt. Hieronder het verslag op www.on4kst.info van de propagatie tussen Nederland en Italië op 4 augustus 2007.

11:40:08 PB0AHX Herman 200# IK0OKY Emilio not for the next 3 jrs
11:34:54 IK0OKY Emilio 10 Marc I'm sure that sooner or later PA will join the 4m family cheers
11:34:46 PB0AHX Herman 200# good
11:34:23 PA1O Marc BBL
11:34:22 PA1O Marc Also out to have a beer here
11:34:19 HA0DU Steve Is there anyone on this chat copying UT1FG/MM on 50110. please?
11:34:15 PA1O Marc Emilio, thanks for test. We'll QSO when allowed, I'm sure... Enjoy lunch!
11:33:37 IK0OKY Emilio all going for lunch catch you later
11:33:21 SP6NVN Janusz(only RX) over
11:32:35 PB0AHX Herman 200# i have now a BIg beer in my hand hihihi
11:32:06 PB0AHX Herman 200# tnx
11:32:02 PA1O Marc OK Emilio, I do understand I guess :-)
11:31:35 PA1O Marc Thanks Herman, same to you (200!)
11:31:15 IK0OKY Emilio 1O unfortunately no X band at the moment but soon will do something...herard a cw sig on qrg but didn't understand who was
11:31:10 EA6SX Miguel (MIKE) Lucky day for the SP..
11:31:03 PB0AHX Herman 200# Marc
11:30:58 PB0AHX Herman 200# congrats Mark
11:30:27 PA1O Marc first signal I received on 4m
11:30:23 I0JX Tony brach=beach
11:30:15 PA1O Marc HI Tony, strong beacon here
11:30:10 I0JX Tony brach=beac
11:29:54 I0JX Tony GA everybody. Stuck at the brach with no 4m
11:29:45 PA1O Marc Can you listen crossband 50.210 USB Emilio?
11:28:57 IK0OKY Emilio Ciao Stefano, grazie ho una 7 elementi da montarer ma aspetto che l'autorizzazione diventi un po' pi definitiva...
11:28:16 PA1O Marc can make 50W here but not allowed
11:27:58 PA1O Marc sorryt
11:27:51 PA1O Marc HI
11:27:19 I0WTD Stefano Ciamo Emilio, vuoi una yagi?
11:26:32 IK0OKY Emilio 1O yest good direction to G-PA at the moment only 5 w and a dipole need to improve
11:26:32 PA1O Marc heard your call now 519
11:25:27 PA1O Marc 518
11:25:18 IK0OKY Emilio 1AO and it's me...calling cw
11:24:57 PA1O Marc hearing fast cw now
11:24:43 PA1O Marc Is not too far, should work. Beacon now 559. Is it a good direction for you?
11:23:49 IK0OKY Emilio 1AO no, not near et's say 10 km distance or so
11:23:14 DF6HT Thomas unbeleaveble nothing in jo64 grrrr
11:23:09 PA1O Marc Are you near the beacon?
11:22:24 PA1O Marc Emilio I'm listening now
11:21:06 IK0OKY Emilio 1AO YES I'm calling there
11:19:16 EA5/G0KOM Adrian ER is gonna elude me I can see it now :-(((
11:19:13 PA1O Marc beacon on 70.088 is getting stronger again
11:19:03 EA5/G0KOM Adrian now s7 vid on 130, aargh
11:19:00 PA1O Marc Emilio are you still on 70.210?
11:18:46 EA6SX Miguel (MIKE) Hear the SP2 calling you Gia but not you :-(
11:18:43 DF6HT Thomas no chat on ,130
11:18:35 IK0OKY Emilio EF Hi unfotrunately no only a dipole on balcony
11:18:09 EA6SX Miguel (MIKE) Thats the guys I ask qsy Adrian
11:17:56 EA5/G0KOM Adrian its not German Spiros
11:17:56 YU7EF Pop Emilio can you turn antenna my direction on 4m ?
11:17:37 SV8CS Spiros Andrian maybe DL's on .130 chating
11:17:01 EA5/G0KOM Adrian this is frustrating listening to this guy chattong on 130 if its ER1 he not giving any calls
11:16:11 GU4CHY Dick band open to eastern EU here cq 095.5
11:15:51 4L4WW Gia I am still here mostly SP- 90% every 3 min or so
11:15:35 MW0HMV Daran 10/6/4/XB Ade cls spot ER1 .130 worth a listn
11:15:35 YU7EF Pop Keith are you here ?
11:15:33 EA5/G0KOM Adrian I hear someone chatting (not in English)
11:14:50 SV8CS Spiros Andrian at 50.130
11:14:37 EA5/G0KOM Adrian Spiros where exactly is ER1SS
11:14:18 IK0OKY Emilio all calling on 70.210 cw
11:13:21 2W0ATQ gwyn need to go to spec savers
11:11:21 DG1CMZ Michael still no beep from 4L, does Gia still CQ?
11:11:02 DG1CMZ Michael ahh, ok Mike
11:10:48 EA6SX Miguel (MIKE) I just ask qsy to this guys Michael
11:10:18 MW0HMV Daran 10/6/4/XB rr Gwyn , i was looking at wrong last letter...anyway welcome
11:10:01 DG1CMZ Michael some EA6 talking on .126
11:09:34 EA6SX Miguel (MIKE) Someone talking now 126
11:09:07 DG1CMZ Michael US0LW KN99 59+ now .160
11:09:00 PA1O Marc Anyone from I for X-band qso?
11:08:37 PA1O Marc i0jx on 70.088 booming now in JO21rk



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